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What is the difference between "key blanks" and "keys cut to code"?

Key blanks are uncut keys, ready to be cut for your locks. The best way to make new keys is to cut them "to code", rather than copy (trace/duplicate) them. For a fuller explanation see my code-cut key notes.

Are items for uncut key blanks or cut keys?

Keys are *not* supplied pre-cut unless the item specifies that cutting to your code is included (or you choose a Buy It Now option for cut keys).

Uncut key blanks: can I buy more than one set?

Yes. I have multiple items of all keys and key-sets I list on ebay. You can purchase a second (or more) items at the same price as the first, and combine multiple items for the one shipping charge.

Can I be sure the keys will fit by vehicle?

The make/model/year stated in the item description as being applicable for these keys is usually correct *however* variations can occur (example- replaced locks). So please look, read, and choose carefully. To identify your keys: (1) Closely compare my keys with your own. The shape of the head may differ but the size and shape of the stem (blade) and the grooves cut into its face are vital. (2) Key codes- if you have your code check that it corresponds to the code series provided in the item description.

Keys cut to code: can I buy more than one?

Yes. There is discount for the second or more keys cut to code. For pricing email me, or your key set may be listed here
Note: keys are *not* supplied cut to code *unless* you have purchased at the Buy It Now price for cut keys.

What is the meaning of the 2 letters at the end of the item title?

I have hundreds of key sets listed on ebay, this is my identification of the item (for example "FA" or "BC") to ensure that the correct set is shipped to you.

What does "Cut Option", "CutOpt" or "BIN-Cut" mean?

This item can be purchased by regular bidding as uncut key blanks *OR* as keys cut to code by selecting "Buy It Now" or matching the Buy It Now (BIN) price.

What does "Cut to Code" mean?

In the item title this means the key or key-set is supplied cut to code, the cutting is included in the price.

Do I need my key code before buying cut keys?

Yes, unless you want me to decode an existing key from an emailed photo (an extra fee usually applies). It's best to check that the number you have is in fact a valid key code. Near the top of my item I describe the code series for the keys. If your code does not fit into the series I list, contact me.

I purchased a cut key (or key set) but I cannot find my key code. What do I do?

I have tips for finding your key code here. If you still cannot obtain your key code I offer two options- pay me a small fee to decode your existing key from an emailed photo, or take extra uncut key blanks (usually two sets) instead of cut keys. (These options apply to almost all my keys, but not some sets or keys such as original Porsche keys).

What guarantee do you provide that keys cut to code will work?

My keys are cut on the latest high-technology computerized key cutting equipment for precision and accuracy. I confidently guarantee both the keys and cutting.

For keys cut to code you provide (no photo) - LIMITED WARRANTY: My keys are cut correctly to the code you provided or return them for a full refund. For keys cut to a photo (or checked against a photo) of a working key - FULL WARRANTY: My keys will work in your locks or return them for a full refund.

Who is Keys4Classics, and will my information remain safe and confidential? is owned and operated by a Proprietary Company registered in Australia and subject to Australian law and its strict corporate regulations. (For details see the bottom of this page). All correspondence between us, and information provided, remains private and confidential and will never be divulged without authorization to any third party.

Shipping Cost

US$2.95 to USA, Canada, UK, all of Europe and all other destinations except Australia and NZ (see here)

Shipping Time

Shipping is by airmail and your item will be delivered by your postal service (USPS in USA, Canada Post in Canada, etc). Shipping time is usually between 5 and 10 working days to most places, however postal schedules can vary considerably. No tracking information is available for regular airmail.

Shipping Insurance

Insurance is included in shipping to USA, Canada, UK, Germany , France, Netherlands, Italy and most other West European nations. Also Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. Insurance is *not* included to other destinations and is *not* available to many places.

Is there an express shipping option?

I cannot offer economical express shipping outside Australia. If you require a key urgently, try local locksmiths. The best express service I can offer is 4-day Express Courier International which costs about US$40 *minimum*. This is an efficient service to USA, Canada, UK and many other places - but at a price. I cannot ship on Saturday or Sunday.


PayPal is preferred. To avoid spam (junk email) my PayPal address is not shown here. Buyers will receive instructions at checkout.


If you do not use PayPal, a regular US money order is OK, or a cashier's (bank) check. I deposit these in the USA. Unfortunately I cannot accept personal checks. For amounts US$15 or more I can bill your Visa card or Mastercard.

Key brands? Key materials?

Mostly I supply keys by Silca, a very high quality replacement key brand from Italy. Sometimes Orion of Italy, sometimes North American Ilco or DL. My keys do *not* have "original" logos or names unless specified. Most keys are made of either brass or steel. Sometimes you have a choice, so if material is important to you please contact me. The pros and cons of each material is discussed in my Brass or Steel? notes. Some of my ebay items are marked "brass" or "steel".

Australia and New Zealand

Shipping (post/handling) is US$1.00 for Australia and US$2.00 for New Zealand. Prices for Australian deliveries include GST. Delivery is 2-5 days depending on your location (I despatch from Canberra, ACT). Payments - direct deposit or internet transfer is available for A$ payments. Or postal money order.

Who owns and operates

AP WORKSHOP, a division of APRENDA Pty Limited, 5 Ryrie Street (PO Box 182), Campbell, ACT 2612, Australia. Telephone 6248-7956. Fax 6100-6114 (prefix 61-2 international or 02 within Aus). Australian Company Number (ACN) 119460187. Australian Business Number (ABN) 87119460187. We have been doing business online since 1999. At this time we *do not* have a shopfront store so if you are in our vicinity please phone to arrange an appointment.

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