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Alfa Romeo Milano (1985-89), Alfa Romeo 75 (1985-92)
(In North America this model was known as the Milano, but mostly elsewhere as the 75)

It's increasingly difficult to find replacement keys for classic vehicles. Our high quality blanks often match the look and feel of the original keys however they do not have the name or logo of the vehicle manufacturer.

These blanks are ready to be cut (copied) by your local locksmith or key cutter.

We specialize in cutting keys to code. Email for more details (address below).


#096 MASTER "MILANO" - for more detail see here
KEY CODE begins with AL (1-1274)
Tip to shoulder (stop) is 31/32" (24 mm)
Identification - note the long blade with extra "reach". Total key length is 2-1/2" (65 mm)

#056 SECONDARY "MILANO"- for more detail see here
KEY CODE begins with K, H, S or T.
Tip to shoulder (stop) is 15/16" (23 mm)


Can't find the key blanks here for your vehicle?

We can help IF you e-mail us-
- make, year and model
- any names and numbers on your keys
- JPEG images of your keys (either from a digital camera or scanner is best). If decoding is required we need to see clear, sharp detail of the key stems. Large file sizes are OK for us by email.
- any number groups (codes) on your locks

#056 MASTER "75"- for more detail see here
KEY CODE begins with K, H, S or T

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Key Blank #056 Alfa Romeo 75/Milano 1985-89 $9.00

Shipping: We deliver by airmail to USA, Canada, UK and Europe in about 10 to 20 days. Shipping is $7 per order regardless of the quantity or weight of keys ordered.

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Applications: The notes and photos should help you decide if these key blanks suit your application. We have researched as best we can to ensure that the make, model and years shown are applicable to these keys however variations occur. Please choose carefully. Returns will be accepted for exchange (at full value, plus re-shipping fee) or for refund (less 20% or minimum $5 re-stocking fee).

Substitutes: We supply the best quality replacement key blanks we can find, such as from Silca of Italy. However due to the scarcity of some keys the brand and appearance may vary from that shown.

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