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Code Reading Jaguar "Tibbe" High Security Keys

Do It Yourself! Follow these instructions to determine the code for your Jaguar Tibbe key.
It takes about 5 minutes and all you need is good eyesight and a pen and paper!

Note- if you do not want to "read" your key code yourself send us a photo or scan of your key and we will do this free with an order for key cutting. See
here for instructions.
You'll see that there is a slim "rib" on each side of the key. We are looking at the cuts along the length of this rib and no further.

The first position is at the end furthest away from the tip. We'll read each cut from there toward the tip.

There are 8 cuts. Each cut has 3 possible angles or "depths" -- "1", "2" or "3".

1 = flat (no cut)
2 = mid angle
3 = full angle so that the cut almost touches the rib

Familiarize yourself with how each of these looks -- flat, mid angle or full angle. The full angle cut will often look a bit wider than the others.

Turn the key about 45 degrees on its side. You can see even better the three angles of the cuts. Remember, 1 is flat , 3 almost touches the rib -- and 2 is in between.

Now take pen and paper and note down the angle of each cut from the 1st position to the 8th position toward the tip: mid... flat... mid, etc

Double check. Triple check. Now convert "flat" to "1", "mid" to "2" and "full" to "3". You should have a string of 8 digits consisting only of 1, 2, and 3's. For example, the key in our photo is mid-flat-mid-full-mid-mid-full-full or 2-1-2-3-2-2-3-3 (note there are often two adjacent cuts with the same angle). This number sequence is your key code.

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