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Are our keys made of brass or steel?
Some are brass, some are steel, some are available in either composition (your choice).
advantages and disadvantages
advantages and disadvantages
- softer material, easier for key cutters and locksmiths, any key cutter can cut them, best for locksmiths when hand-making keys
- gentler on lock internal parts, but brass that wears off the key will accumulate in the lock
- keys wear faster (so locks wear slower)
- not as strong as steel: brass keys can break or twist more readily
- common for most British and US locks
- appropriate for locks with brass internal parts (although brass on brass will still wear especially if not kept clean and well lubricated).
- harder material, not suitable for locksmiths to hand-make keys, and not all key cutters will cut them
- not so gentle on lock internal parts
- key wear is negligible (but locks wear faster)
- very strong: keys are difficult to break or twist, best in extreme cold climates or sticking locks
- common for European cars and motorcycle locks
- appropriate for locks with steel internal parts, but should not cause problems with any lock that's kept clean and well lubricated

We supply only key blanks that are made by and for the replacement key cutting industry.

We will cut any of our keys, regardless of material, if code information exists.

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