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The INQUIRY PAGE is the best way to contact us if you are interested in our keys-cut-to-code service.

Keys cut to code
Use the Inquiry form to send us photos of your existing keys (or other information if you have no keys). We will reply with a confirmation whether new keys can be cut and a price guide. Please allow several days for this reply as usually there is work and time involved in assessing your request. (Dealing with a detailed inquiry usually takes more time than cutting the keys).

See photo tips for advice on how to get a clear, sharp image.
Cut keys - our terms of service
Our aim is to get you the keys you need to keep your classic on the road, now and into the future. We will do everything that's reasonable to achieve that, but it is a two-part process, us and you.

Ordering keys cut ready-to-use may require some effort on your part too. Like most things involved with classic (read: "old") vehicles it's not always an instant off-the-shelf solution. Please be prepared to contribute two things: a little patience and the ability to apply lubrication to your locks. For details see below.
Cut keys - our warranty
We confidently guarantee our keys and our cutting.

Our keys are code-cut on the latest high-technology equipment for precision and accuracy. Specialized CNC machinery (let's call it "computer controlled cutting") combined with the industry's best code database and software produces a result as good as, and often better, than the original keys made decades ago.

Limited Warranty for keys cut to code that you provide (and you sent no photos of keys). Our keys are cut correctly to the code you provided or return them for a full refund.

Full Warranty for keys cut to photos you sent (or checked against photos) of a working key. Our keys will work in your locks or return them for a full refund.

The fine print:
(1) You must comply with our Terms of Service (that is, lubricating your locks).
(2) If requested, keys must be returned to us.
(3) Shipping to or from you will not be refunded except at our discretion.
(4) Any faults or difficulties should be notified to us within 90 days of purchase.
Problem with new keys?
These are the steps…
1. Does the new key slide quite easily into the lock? If "no", apply lube into the key slot.
2. Does the new key turn the lock smoothly? If "no", apply more lube.
3. Does the new key turn the lock smoothly now? If still "no" follow these steps.
- fit your existing ("old") key, how smoothly does it turn? Is lubrication making its operation smoother? Work the old key in the lock, in/out, turn repeatedly to spread the lube and get it into all the moving parts of the lock.
- now try the new key again, is there an improvement?
- the routine is: work the old key - try the new, work it around - apply more lube if necessary* - work the old key again - try the new

BEST LUBE = TEFLON or PTFE spray lubricant, also DRY SILICONE SPRAY, or similar new technology, now widely available. It’s clean, you can spray it in, and even lots of it will not clog the lock (as might too much graphite, which is a solid).

If the above is not available you can use GRAPHITE for locks (sparingly!) It’s 'dry' and because it's not sticky it will not trap dirt - as oil or grease does. Do not use OIL as a long-term lubricant except as a last resort.

Solvents such as WD-40 may provide temporary benefits but later, when the lock has dried out, good lubricant should be applied.

Still have problems or questions? Use the Inquiry Form or email (the address is at the bottom of this page). If a new key is not working and you have tried all the above steps send a photo so we can compare the old and new keys. Put the keys parallel alongside each other, then turn them over for a second photo. See photo tips for advice on how to get a clear, sharp image.
Uncut key blanks

Please look through all relevant text and photos to decide if a particular key is suitable for your vehicle.

Sometimes the key you have is original and our replacement should look very similar, but maybe your existing key is already a copy, using a brand such as Ilco, DL, Taylor, Mr Minit. These can be harder to identify especially as locksmiths often use an "incorrect" key because they do not stock the wide range we have of "correct" replacements for older vehicles.

If in doubt please use the Inquiry form and attach some photos of your keys that you want to replace. Make clear whether you want uncut key blanks or keys cut to code.

We provide the highest quality keys and key services for classic mid-to-late 20th century vehicles


Important note: We do not deal with modern keys that use electronics (transponder keys), which is most vehicles from about the late 1990s.

Also, we do not supply general automotive parts. We are simply experts with keys for older vehicles. is located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.
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