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BMW E9 "New Six" COUPE 3.0 CS / CSi / CSL, 2800 CS, 2.5 CS (1968-1975)

BMW E3 "New Six" SEDAN Bavaria 2500, 2800, 3.0, 3.3 etc (1968-1977)

We offer high quality SILCA brand European aftermarket replacement keys for BMW E9 and E3 models, all years and variants.
Keys work perfectly - Joe B, Florida, USA, May 2021 - 2x BMW 3.0CS
  • Overview

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    for BMW "new six" E3 sedans and E9 coupes 1968-1977 = all S/SC/L/i variants of the 2500 (2.5), 2800 (2.8), 3.0, 3,3, Bavaria

    Although this high security key looks like other dimple types it has slightly angled faces and not many key cutters have the correct adaptors to cut it properly. We have many years of experience with them: to see feedback about us search online for "keys4classics" on any owners' forum.

    The design of this key type is called "PEBRA" after the original manufacturer.


    The key code is a number 1 to 1100, usually with 2 letters before the number (but the letters are not important). The key code is a number 1 to 1100, usually with 2 letters before the number (but the letters are not important). The code was often marked on original keys and may have been noted in the owners manual. Code may be marked on locks: DOOR lock - on the side of the small lever arm coming off the rear of the lock. TRUNK: on the washer on the rear of the lock. IGNITION - on the side of the ignition lock housing. (note: numbers like 36.106.1 on a lock housing are a part reference and not a key code).

    We supply new keys cut to the original code (not copied/duplicated/traced). If you don't have a key code - no problem. We'll decode your existing key from an emailed photo, cut new keys and provide you with the key code, which may be useful in the future. In any event, for our 100% warranty on cut keys you should email a photo of an existing, working key so the code can be checked.

    We cannot cut keys to your VIN (vehicle identification number or "chassis" number). The VIN is no use to us, but we do like to know the manufacture year of your vehicle.


    Silca-brand keys are made of a special alloy (usually described as nickel-silver) that's strong and durable but not super-hard steel as are the original keys, so they're gentler on your locks.


    Many years of experience and the latest high-technology computer controlled equipment ensures that your new keys are cut with great precision to the original specifications. We are very confident that our keys will work well in your locks and we offer a substantial warranty.
  • Silca-brand replacement keys

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    Key #069 black-head
    Key #445 all-metal

    Our black-head key #069 is the most popular (made by and branded Silca of Italy, nickel-silver material)
    Silca keys are high quality replacements but do not have a BMW name or logo.

    Our all-metal key #445 is strong and very durable (made by and branded Silca of Italy, nickel-silver material)
    Silca keys are high quality replacements but do not have a BMW name or logo.

    (At this time we do not supply original BMW-badged keys, please see the end of these notes for an explanation).

  • Silca-brand key prices

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    *We always discount for multiple keys*

    1 key US$42
    and any additional keys cut to the same code US$27 each
    so, 2 keys cut to the same code = US$69
    or 3 keys cut to the same code = US$96
    including one decoding (if required), key blanks and cutting (CNC milling). Plus shipping.

    All keys cut to the same code. For keys to different codes add US$10 for each extra code to the above multiple-key pricing.

    Keys cut with photos of an existing, working key = full warranty, see below for details.
  • Master keys, valet keys and multiple keys

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    Master keys have 7 dimples, (master keys will open all locks which have that same code, whether ignition, doors, trunk or glovebox).

    Original valet keys have only 6 dimples and usually do not open trunk and glovebox locks.

    Originally all black-head keys were master keys and all-metal keys were valet keys.

    THE CODE ON THE KEYS IS THE SAME, whether master or valet.

    If you currently have only a 6-dimple key (a valet key) and there are locks that you cannot open maybe you need a 7-dimple master key. We can discuss this with you.

    If you are happy with how your 6-dimple valet key works, then it’s best that we replace it with the same.

    Many E3/E9 BMW's with Pebra keys have had at least one lock replaced which may make the master/valet relationship irrelevant.
  • Do you have too many different keys?

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    It's not unusual for owners of E3 and E9 BMW's to have two or even more different "dimple cut" keys for their vehicle. Perhaps the ignition lock has been replaced so its key works only the ignition and no other locks. Or it might be another lock that uses a completely different key. Re-keying locks to the one key does not seem to be practical today, which is why this situation is quite common.

    We may be able to help. We can make one key - a "dual key" - that operates two completely different locks. It works lock "A" on one side and lock "B" on the other. Use the inquiry form to ask about this. We will need photos of the two keys.
  • Taking key photos to send to us.

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    Please send 2 photos - take one directly over the flat face of the key - then turn the key over for the other side.

    Natural light is usually good, near a window with diffuse daylight. Avoid glare/reflection. A plain, neutral background is best. Not pure white or jagged background shapes please!

    We need to see the "dimple" cuts reasonably clearly.

    Use enough resolution (file size) for the cutting to be clear and sharp even when enlarged to fill a computer screen. GOOD SHARP FOCUS IS ESSENTIAL. We can receive large file sizes OK, such as raw photos from a smartphone or camera.

    We do not need a ruler or any other items in these key photos, just good light and sharp focus. If your camera does not grab sharp focus pull it away from the key until it does.
  • Problems with new keys?

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    The most likely problem with the Pebra type of locks/keys is insufficient lubrication. For example: if a lock has used only an original valet key for many years and then a new master key doesn't turn. Lubrication will fix it. (See the website or ask for our "lock lubrication tips" to be emailed to you).

    In fact- our replacement keys often work better than the originals because of the "easy-glide" geometry of the dimple cuts, not so abrupt as some originals, and easier on a lock's internal parts.
  • Cut keys warranty

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    We have very extensive experience with the uncommon Pebra key type and our keys are cut on the latest high-technology computerized CNC-milling equipment for precision and accuracy. We confidently guarantee our decoding, keys and cutting. We work hard to ensure that you can have the pleasure of using your classic for many years to come.

    Disclaimer: Our "full" warranty applies to replacement keys made by decoding original keys in good condition. A more limited warranty applies where you have supplied photos of a faulty, copied or hand-made key or where there is apparent evidence (usually from your key) of damage or excessive wear to the lock/s. Where we have not seen a photo of a working key we guarantee to cut keys correctly to that code, but that is all. If locks have been replaced, modified or damaged this also is outside our scope and may affect your warranty.

    Please note that Pebra locks often require substantial lubrication when fitting new keys, and your ability to do this is a condition of purchase. We provide lubrication notes with your order.
  • About Us

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    We provide the highest quality keys and key services for classic mid-to-late 20th century vehicles


    Important note: We do not deal with modern keys that use electronics (transponder keys), which is most vehicles from about the late 1990s.

    Also, we do not supply general automotive parts. We are simply experts with keys for older vehicles. is located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.
    Proudly working with classic car and motorcycle owners worldwide since 2001…!